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POSITION: In Person Associate Trainer & Online Fitness Coach
Want to join a team of passionate coaches and health professionals on a quest to help everyday people make their health and lifestyle dreams a reality? 

Who We Are
Cave Fit Club is a FAST growing technology driven health & wellness coaching company that provides health, fitness, nutrition and habit coaching to help everyday people become the best versions of themselves. Our mission is to provide support, knowledge, guidance, and tools our members need to take back control of their health and change their lives from the inside out. 

What We Do
Cave Fit Club offers in person training, and online coaching. Our in person training offerings include advanced trainer-lead group fitness sessions, and semi-private personal training. Our online coaching platform provides support, knowledge, and accountability to those looking to change their lives under the professional guidance of our trainers.

Attitude over aptitude - the latter we teach, the former we cultivate, but the base foundation has to be there from you.

What We’re Looking For 
We are in a hiring phase so your experience level is not extremely important. Whether you are brand new to the industry with no experience, or have many years under your belt, our goal will be to educate and mold you as one of the future leaders of Cave Fit Club and uphold the high quality standard we have at our facility.

You must not be set in your ways. We have our own methodologies and we need you to buy into our vision, and join us on our mission. Similar to a cook at a restaurant switching jobs, we are looking for someone to learn our recipe, not for a trainer to bring their recipes with them. We have a very unique and proven recipe that we do here at Cave Fit Club and we’re looking for someone who possesses the right qualities (see below), and is eager to learn our methodologies.

You will be training our members at our
CAVE | Train
CAVE | Strong
CAVE | Combine
As well as coaching our online members. 

High Level Gym Daily Tasks
1. Setup group training sessions
2. Lead and coach highly organized group training sessions
3. Breakdown and put away equipment
4. Keeping a spotless training facility
5. Availability to work early mornings, evenings, and weekends (if needed)

High Level Online Tasks
1. Check and reply to messages from 1-on-1 clients assigned to the coach. Update our database with notes for each client.
2. Engage with all of your clients and find out what makes them "tick" so you can get the very best out of them (we all have our own motivators inside!)
3. Evaluate your clients previous weeks results (# of habits done, weight loss etc) and decide how to move them forward in our health program (training will be provided on how to use our nutrition program created for each client)
4. Record a short video using screen recording software to update the clients plan and let them know what they need to focus on for the upcoming week to reach the goal they came to us to achieve.
5. Provide world class customer service.

Potential Additional Roles (not required)
Potential to advance into 4-on-1 semi-private coaching ($)
Potential to advance into 1-on-1 personal training ($)

• Must be high energy.
• Must not be selfish or self-centered.
• Must be a team player.
• Must understand that this is a business and in order to help people and provide for all employees, it must be profitable.
• Must have sales aptitude (meaning not afraid to ask clients to do things).
• Must LOVE appreciating customers and giving them an amazing experience to actually retain them and keep them coming back.
• Must give EXCEPTIONAL service.
• Must greet all clients BY NAME within 10 sec of walking into the facility (run over if needed).

At the moment we are only looking for trainers who will be exclusive to Cave Fit Club. We will be growing and building you into an integral part of our gym and community. (if you teach things like yoga, cycling, or similar, those do not infringe on our non-compete)

Who You Are
• You want to learn
• Relentless in your pursuit of ongoing excellence
• Some Experience/Knowledge in fitness, nutrition & weight loss (further training will be provided)  
• Be coachable and take criticism
• Never late (non-negotiable)
• Love to train with weights
• Keen eye for perfect form
• Empathetic, yet demanding
• Can take charge in a room
• Be a team player
• Own a laptop and phone
• Be outgoing and friendly
• Be passionate about helping and changing people’s lives
• Willingness to go above and beyond for people
• Passion for continuous education and learning is a MUST
• Previous customer service, coaching, or teaching experience preferred 
• If you’ve gone through your own health and weight loss transformation - that’s even better since you can connect with the clients who will be on your roster (not required) 

We are not looking for the most experienced trainer. While that is a bonus, we are looking for people who possess the above qualities. We will be educating you on the Cave Fit Club way. 

Cool Stuff You'll Get
• The opportunity to work with a talented team on a powerful mission.
• Potential for above market salary for personal trainer-lead group training sessions.
• The ability to help support other people on a mission to become the best version of themselves.
• Continuing education financial reimbursement.
• Fast track to becoming an amazing trainer.
• Take any of our sessions for free! (depending on space)
• Join a strong, welcoming, fitness community that is motivating to be around.

We're excited to meet you and to see if Cave Fit Club is good fit for you!

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